Aw, forget it, this is taking too long. I'll do both sides. If you think I won't do the show without Lemon, think again. / Oh Jack, you're bluffing. / Liz, we're out of here. / If you walk out that door, you'll burn every bridge she has here. It'll be back to submitting topical menopause jokes to Joy Behar by fax. / Oh please, you'd be in breach. You'd have more lawyers on you than a mid-town hooker. / You're all talk. / It's like that time you said you'd hit on Carla Bruni in front of Sarkozy and you totally backed down! / So did you! / Sorry, I have to take this. Hello? / It's me. Nice try. / I'm writing down a number. / Ahah! You're dreaming! And I counter. I reject that. Then an elegante. Parry with a elegante primo. 5%. I demand 3 years. No, that can't be right: elegante, elegante primo, carry the one ... good god!