No, no, no, no, no. She is very, very mentally sick. I mean, if you met her, you might think she's wonderful. But, believe me, she is the succubus from the bowels of hell. I mean, If I were forced to remember her as I first met her, when i first fell in love with her, then yes, uh, you know, I suppose, empirically, she is very, very beautiful. But, uh... But it's what's inside her that really makes her disgusting. I wish I could touch her boobs again. She really had a fabulous pair of boobs. I admit sometimes I would fantasize about her getting various terminal illnesses, and I would nurse her... to her death. And she would say, (imitating Bianca) "Johnny, I am in so much pain" And I would say, "Just hang in there a little longer, Bianca" Love. They say lightning never strikes twice. But I know that I will love again. And I'm never gonna be happy until I find that woman. I think what I'm saying to you is... what are you doing tonight?