Hi, I'm Doctor Drew Baird. Every year dozens of people lose a hand to a helicopter or fireworks mishap or in my case both. But now there's hope. Thanks to an idea that started as a pitch for a horror movie and grew into a charitable organization, hands from executed criminals are now making life better for people all over the world. People like me. [holds up right hand, which is a black man's hand] But we can't do without your support, so give. And give someone a hand. [looks at hand] Sorry, I'm trying to do a thumbs up here, it doesn't always listen. [hand raises in a first] Oh God no, that's a Black Power thing, I- I really should.. [struggles with hand] Come here... No! [hand grabs his throat] No! Why are you doing-- No! Bad hand! [hand punches him and knocks him back] Now it's got my testicles.