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30 Rock Quote Trivia Challenge

12/29/11 - Joel Hill

30 Rock Quotes is bringing in the new year with an all new 30 Rock Quote Trivia Challenge!

Thanks for everyone who has contributed to rating the quotes, we have over 1,500 ratings so far and that has prompted me to make a top rated quote trivia challenge. The trivia is randomly selected from the top rated quotes by the fans from all the episodes. When you start the trivia, it then randomly chooses 4 wrong answers for each question. Every time you you take the quiz, the same 10 questions will not be the exact same, so feel free to take it as many times as you'd like.

If you wish to keep your stats and go up against other 30 Rock Fans, then sign in to your twitter account. I've created a leader board page that displays the top quiz takes scores. The leader board displays the best quiz taker based on score and how many times they've taken the quiz.

Good Luck, Enjoy!

Tracy: So for me to be there at the birth of my daughter, i have to answer trivia questions, despite having gone to middle school in a exxon station?
( Season 5 | Episode 2 - 82 )