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Season 1 | Episode 21: Hiatus

Liz: you turtle-faced goon! i will cut you open like a tauntaun-

Season 2 | Episode 22: SeinfeldVision

Jerry Seinfeld: call off your goons!

Season 4 | Episode 59: Season 4

Jack: i can't have that apple-cheeked goon outside screaming about my bonus. what are my options?

Season 4 | Episode 70: Verna

Pete: goon!

Season 5 | Episode 83: Let's Stay Together

Jenna: all right, first things first. can you lose that gooney accent.

Season 5 | Episode 89: Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish

Kenneth: oh, miss lemon, i'm signing people up for the tgs softball team. so far i have eight no's and twenty-five "shove it up your goon-hole's."
Liz: shove it up your goon-hole!

Season 5 | Episode 98: Plan B

Kenneth: kenneth, you beautiful goon! he's not in africa! he's somewhere in the delivery zone of federici's pizza! we can find him and bring him back here and no more forced hiatus!

Season 5 | Episode 100: 100

Jenna: are you serious? och, you albino goon.