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30RockQuotes.com Acquired

1/12/13 - Joel Hill

30 Rock Quotes has just acquired 30RockQuotes.com! You can now reach 30RockQuotes by going to 30RockQuotes.Net OR 30RockQuotes.Com

Jack: Typical liberal media. That's why I get all my news from Dick Cheney's website, dickviews.com. ( Season 4 | Episode 16 - 74 )

30 Rock Quote Trivia Challenge

12/29/11 - Joel Hill

30 Rock Quotes is bringing in the new year with an all new 30 Rock Quote Trivia Challenge!

Thanks for everyone who has contributed to rating the quotes, we have over 1,500 ratings so far and that has prompted me to make a top rated quote trivia challenge. The trivia is randomly selected from the top rated quotes by the fans from all the episodes. When you start the trivia, it then randomly chooses 4 wrong answers for each question. Every time you you take the quiz, the same 10 questions will not be the exact same, so feel free to take it as many times as you'd like.

If you wish to keep your stats and go up against other 30 Rock Fans, then sign in to your twitter account. I've created a leader board page that displays the top quiz takes scores. The leader board displays the best quiz taker based on score and how many times they've taken the quiz.

Good Luck, Enjoy!

Tracy: So for me to be there at the birth of my daughter, i have to answer trivia questions, despite having gone to middle school in a exxon station?
( Season 5 | Episode 2 - 82 )

Share A 30 Rock Quote

10/9/11 - Joel Hill

Want to share one of your favorite 30 Rock quotes with someone? Now you can!

Just to the left of every quote you will see a little message quote icon. Click on this and you will get a popup screen that will have a google shorter link you can copy and share with everyone! If the quote is short enough to tweet, then a twitter logo will appear for you to tweet out the quote.

Pete: yes, a duet. share the stage. she will love that. ( Season 5 | Episode 17 - 97 )

30 Rock Folks On Twitter

8/15/11 - Joel Hill

Hey 30 Rock fans, I've added a "30 Rock Folks On Twitter" section to the website. Here you can find a comprehensive list of 30 Rock actors and writers on Twitter. Be sure to follow them!
Feel free to let me know if I've missed anyone.
Thanks and enjoy!

Kenneth:Everyone! evacuate immediately! this is not a drill. the gas has not affected me yet so i can lead you to safety. just follow these... troll penises! oh god, what have i done!
( Season 5 | Episode 20 - 100 )

View Top Quotes From an Episode

2/23/11 - Joel Hill

Now its even easier to find the funny quotes right away. When viewing an episode, at the top left, you will see a "See Top Quotes From This Episode" button. This will show you all the quotes that have been rated by you guys!

Pete: Look, we can all agree Liz is generally pretty racist. The point is, you have people counting on you. You can't be finding excuses not to be here.
( Season 1 | Episode 5 - Jack-Tor )

Rate Your Favorite 30 Rock Quote

12/8/10 - Joel Hill

Want to rate your favorite 30 Rock quote? Now you can! 30RockQuotes.net has upgraded the website to now you the ability to rate your favorite 30 Rock quote. On each 30 Rock episode that has been transcribed, click on the rate box next to each quote, which allows you to rate that specific quote.

Vote early, vote often!

Steve Austin:
Actually I go by STEVE Austin. That way people see my name on ballots, they think I'm the wrestler and they vote for me.

30RockQuotes.net Gets a Face Lift

10/13/10 - Joel Hill

30RockQuotes.net is back and better than ever! We've been working hard to revamp our website and come up with better features for you to use. We are committed to quoting every quote of every episode of 30 Rock.

As always, you can follow our Twitter account @30RockQuotesNet which will alet you when episodes have been quoted.

Be sure to check the new Season 5 quotes now available.