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1 Frank Awesome. A cool person in charge for once. My first act as leader? I'm telling them to take down the internet firewall. We can surf porn again.
2 Frank All right. But if doing this restores my sex drive, the plus-sized ladies in the mail room have you to blame.
3 Frank He's awesome. You can't read his thoughts cause' he doesn't have any.
4 Frank God, it's bad enough having Jenna hang out here. Now she's bringing her friends? How can a dude in a midriff top dominate me like that?
5 Frank What? Shut up. You've just never seen my reading glasses before, which I have to wear to read your dumb sketches. And I lost my hat after I threw it at a bus that wouldn't stop for me even though the guy could see me running.
6 Frank The Rule of Threes. Celebrities always die in groups of three. You'd better be careful, Tray.
7 Frank You know what? I don't have to explain myself. You dummies have no idea what it's like to be in charge. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my office, trying to have it all. What is happening to me?
8 Frank Very funny. I'm not Liz. Ooh, ham. Mmm.
9 Frank Last weekend, I picked up this girl after practicing Jedi moves in Prospect Park.
10 Frank [from recording] Castles fall into the sand, could this really be God's plan, or is it never too late, it's never too late for now!
11 Frank The Boob Job Recall Center?
12 Frank -- be with the person you love forever, but you always have to wear a shirt made out of their pubes, or be alone for the rest of your life, but you get to wear whatever you want.
13 Frank Wait, how long have we been here?
14 Frank If you want to save this dumb show you gotta get the fans involved. You know, like sometimes people mail stuff to networks to show how passionate they are. They sent light bulbs to save Friday Night Lights, hot sauce to save Roswell, and douche bags to save Entourage.
15 Frank Great, you just ruined a really boss take.
16 Frank You ever kill anyone?
17 Frank Then your ghost is going to see some disgusting stuff.
18 Frank Ok, Not bad.
19 Frank Fine, we're cowabunga.
20 Frank This is a bag for all the scripts I now have to carry. And I'm wearing a sweater because the studio's cold.
21 Frank That's right. We are sick of the long hours, the crappy food, sharing offices with the one black guy in New York who sucks.
22 Frank Oh, it’s when a bunch of rats are crammed into a tiny space and their tails get all tangled up and they can’t even pull apart.
23 Frank Some of them are sun tea. And some of them were sun tea.
24 Frank I didn't know anyone was here.
25 Frank Muah!
26 Frank And we always leave work to go to the movies on Merlinpeen. So good Merlinpeen to you, Kenneth.
27 Frank I totally would do Secret Santa, but I don't believe in Christmas because I'm a Verdukian.
28 Frank Thanks, Liz. Oh, I'd like to pre-apologize for clogging your tub, sink and toilet.
29 Frank Twig and Plums.
30 Frank Mouth Hooker?
31 Frank According to wikipedia you were discovered after doing stand-up at the Apollo in 1984.
32 Frank Fart Nuggets.
33 Frank Never! Lutz, truffle-shuffle him!
34 Frank Stop, stop filling Jenna's wigs with raw shrimp!
35 Frank Yeah, I'm happy becuase that's the first time you've ever done somthing like a real person. It's pretty cool.
36 Frank Hey, Liz. We're playing the Today show drinking game. You do a shot every time they give a dumb travel tip.
37 Frank Okay, round two. Josh your up. What do you got?
38 Frank I can't. I've got to proof all these sketches, figure out the rundown, then meet with props in 10 minutes!
39 Frank Skeletor's not my favourite. You are.
40 Frank [flashback] Hey, looking good, Liz.
41 Frank Tootsie.
42 Frank No, I see you. I'm killing myself. Respawn.
43 Frank Oh, I- I wonder why I'm suck? What could have happened to me when I was fourteen to make me never want to grow up?!
44 Frank It means "The Badger" in Spanish. I'm not sure who did it.
45 Frank Oh, yeah, it’s special kind of GI Joe.
46 Frank Guys, Standards is saying no the Rubik's Pube thing. What?
47 Frank Ha! I beat you! We're getting lunch from Ikea! Ikea! Ikea! Ikea! Ikea! Ikea!
48 Frank In season 5 when Delta was really packing it on... glorious.
49 Frank The whole thing was so confusing, I ended up getting my own crappy gift back. Like I need two copies of ''Over 60 Vixens''.
50 Frank Okay. Word is this Abby Flynn thing is really happening.
51 Frank Ha! Stay in the corner.
52 Frank So. Carol. Did you ever join the mile high club?
53 Frank Hang on. Who's James?
54 Frank [types words in]
55 Frank He’s totally right.
56 Frank Yeah, at first I hated it. and then I liked it. and then I hated it again, and then I got horny, and then I fell asleep.
57 Frank Hey. what's up? Did you just come from a Suzanne Summers look a like contest?
58 Frank Yeah, like Conan should be afraid different.
59 Frank No, not interested.
60 Frank Hey so, Jenna told us you're looking for a baby daddy?
61 Frank Man, This is amazing. Oh hey Jack.
62 Frank Well, how many can I keep?
63 Frank Have you ever noticed when you eat alot of cheese...