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1 Lutz Dingleberries.
2 Lutz Yeah, that's a good start.
3 Lutz Hey, I thought you were gonna bring snickerdoodles in, That's the only reason I showed up.
4 Lutz I told them not to. Let's get out of here, Jack.
5 Lutz On your wedding night did he take you in the French fashion?
6 Lutz Oh, right. It's actually pretty small. I could only take three of you. So I'll... have to choose. That sucks. It's like a reality show where you guys get to compete for a seat in my car by proving how much you like me.
7 Lutz It has two. And it has flames on the side.
8 Lutz What, this? I got hit by a bird on a roller coaster.
9 Lutz She's real. Would a fake woman have a personal website at
10 Lutz But it's my turn to pick. I'm the picker.
11 Lutz It's not what you think! It's something I need to wear to support my breasts!
12 Lutz That a man can have up to nine wives if two of them are male.
13 Lutz I almost touched that blue wire. I could have died. I'm gonna tell Sharon I love her. I don't care if we're cousins!
14 Lutz I renounce Verdukianism!
15 Lutz Mm-hm.
16 Lutz Hey, we're all going to Chuck E. Cheese's. It's divorced, Hispanic mom night.
17 Lutz What about the purse and sweater?
18 Lutz [in meeting with Jack] What if there was a channel that's just the sounds of people having a party so you could put it on when you call your parents.
19 Lutz What is this green stuff? [holds lobster it out to Jack] Wipe it off! Wipe it off!
20 Lutz The Shell by me has good hot dogs.