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1 Josh Liz you should of seen this guy at the club last night.(imitating Tracy) "Everybody at this party is a Jedi!" "We must get our freak on while our fruit is a plentiful"
2 Josh Which advertisers? Could I get free ChocoStix?
3 Josh You got slammed, girl.
4 Josh Well then yeah! Genius! Get me a new salad. Or get me a time machine so I can go back in time and smack your mom for smoking crack while she's pregnant. Too much?
5 Josh When Gayberham Lincoln gets hit in the crotch, can I go cross-eyed?
6 Josh That weird security guard Tony let me in. I also looked on Liz's computer. Her last two Google searches were for singles yoga and scalp pain.
7 Josh You know what? I've had it with this place. I don't need this this show, because I could get a job tomorrow in the Air Force! I quit!
8 Josh Check it out. Yo' mama is so stupid, she thinks an iMac, is a new hamburger at McDonald's.
9 Josh Four score and seven beers ago.
10 Josh I'm supposed to treat you like Kenneth, right?