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1 Jack Sure. I got you. New York third-wave feminist, college educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says "healthy body image" on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for... a week.
2 Jack I like you. You have the boldness of a much younger woman.
3 Jack That’s how you should dress for work by the way.
4 Jack I cast that cat myself.
5 Jack Oh sure, then we can sit around and braid each others hair until we get our periods at the same time. Lemon, you're a supervisor. These people are not your friends.
6 Jack Yeah, I think we did.
7 Jack What are you talking about? Everyone loved your little Lemon party. Nothing brings a team together like a harrowing experience. You pulled it off.
8 Jack Well, then you best go home and put on your daddy's shoes, boy. This is a man’s game.
9 Jack Will you, little Kenneth Ellen Parcell From Stone Mountain, Georgia. Growing up in your mama’s tract house. Dreaming of working on a TV show. Dreaming of making all the way to the NBC?
10 Jack You've come a long way, haven't you, Kenneth Ellen, with your cheap loafers and your page jacket? But You’ll always be a pig farmer's son, boy, cause I smell fried baloney all over you.
11 Jack The Italians have a saying, Lemon. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And though they’ve never won a war, or mass produced a decent car, in this area, they are correct. In five years we will all be either working for him, or dead by his hand.
12 Jack So I was doing some research on comedy. And I came across the cartoon strip Dilbert. It was quite good. And I was wondering if we can do that.
13 Jack Well if you insist on going all Murphy Brown on me, let me give you a tip. Don't smother your child with affection to compensate for not having a man in your life. Don't say you're the only man I'll ever love, even babies know that's creepy.
14 Jack Oh no, no. GE could never make something so um, unique. We'll have to pass this off to one of our subsidiaries. You see, GE owns KitchenAll of Colorado which in turn owns JMI of Stanford, which is a majority share holder of pokerfastlane.com which recently acquired the Sheinhardt Wig Company, which owns NBC outright. NBC owns Winnipeg Iron Works, which own the Ahp Chanagi Party Meats Corporation of Pyong Yang, North Korea. And they, will make the Meat Machine.
15 Jack Hello. For over 100 years, G.E. has been imagining the future today. And I'm here to talk to you today about a wonderful new synergy. It's called product integration. It's revolutionizing the way we monetize broadcast television. How does it work? Simple. All you have to do as the writing staff of an NBC show is incorporate positive mentions, or "pos-mens," of G.E. products into your program. For example, you could write an episode where one of your characters purchases and is satisfied with... one of G.E.'s direct-current drilling motors for an offshore or land based project. Product integration -- setting a new standard in upward revenue-stream dynamics... for all of us.
16 Jack Your turkey sub, your clothes, the fact that a women of your resources and position lives like some boxcar hobo, or maybe it’s the fact that while I’m saying all this, you have a piece of lettuce stuck in your hair. This is the unlisted number of Stone, the most exclusive restaurant in the city, currently. I think it’s time that you start enjoying some of the finer things in life.
17 Jack That’s a sharp tie you’ve got there Dennis.
18 Jack Oh, I can’t. I’m expecting a call from 1983.
19 Jack No, You’re on a plane to Boston tomorrow, Tray, we have a laboratory they're experimenting in tattoo removal. It promises to be one of our biggest profit centers once today’s generation finally sobers up.
20 Jack It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?
21 Jack No. I want you to come with me.
22 Jack Prince Gerhardt is the last male descendant of the imperial house of Hapsburg. They ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Defenestration of Prague. Uh, Lemon, what exactly did you study in college?
23 Jack Yes. This will be good for you. You finally got Dennis out of your life. You're even wearing lipstick.
24 Jack I'll have the wardrobe department pull a dress for you. I just thought maybe you'd like to spend some time with a, um..... different class of people.
25 Jack That's what your mom said to me last night! Booyah!
26 Jack Yes of course. Uh, This is my live-in girlfriend, Lemon.
27 Jack Elizabeth...Lemon.
28 Jack Beyonce.
29 Jack You're kidding, right?
30 Jack You speak German?
31 Jack Is Jenna with Gerhardt?
32 Jack What do you know.
33 Jack When Gerhardt was born, the doctor told his mother and cousin that he would either live for 15 minutes or 100 years. Boy, he proved them all wrong.
34 Jack The look on Bianca's face just before she choked you. That was the most satisfying thing.
35 Jack Oh, Just to know she's filled with bile over me warms my heart.
36 Jack What are these, your, uh, bike shorts?
37 Jack ....Pilates instructors, acrobats.
38 Jack Lemon, I would like to teach you something. I would like to be Michelle Pfeiffer to your angry black kid who learns that poetry … is just another way to rap.
39 Jack Why are you crying -- Did the Liberty lose again?
40 Jack Let’s just say she’s a high ranking African American member of the Bush Administration.
41 Jack I saw it Lemon. My whole life passing before my eyes. Neil Patterson pitching me the rotating microwave tray. Me personally coining the phrase "what's the upside." Participating in hands across America. And all the time I've been on this earth I have only one regret: I should have worked more.
42 Jack Maybe this is the drugs talking, but I think I got Nixon to agree to come on the show and say sock it to me.
43 Jack You're the only person I know who wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug. So when are you going to Cleveland?
44 Jack Welcome to adulthood. As for me I have successfully retreated for another day. When Avery got home from work I noticed that she had some paint samples in her purse, so I immediately asked her if her sister had done anything crazy lately and guess what -- she had. Avery talked about that for an hour, her anger eventually transforming into some rather... interesting sex and now she's sleeping peacefully, while Fabius has retreated to his den where he is drinking scotch and playing Snood.
45 Jack [to a video camera] Son, I may not be there for your wedding. It breaks my heart to realize that. But I want to offer you one piece of fatherly advice: do not hire Sting to play the reception. He'll insist on doing jazz versions of Police songs, and it's just... demoralizing.
46 Jack l've already sold $20 million worth of ad time for ''Seinfeld-Vision,'' and now Jerry wants to pull the plug. But l don't care, because l thrive in crisis mode. lt's when l'm really at my best. And the fact that l do not have one idea how to solve this only energizes me more. l've been brainstorming all night. Here we go. Number one -- Kill Seinfeld. Number two -- Kill Seinfeld, then kill myself. Number three -- Kill Seinfeld, flee to Svenborgia, then kill myself.
47 Jack Winona Rider in a hundred years.
48 Jack The only thing I will be discussing with the House Subcommittee on Baseball, Quiz Shows, Terrorism, and Media is vertical integration.
49 Jack And so do I. If you just give me a chance instead of ambushing me in front of the Congress and my own employees! You think I don't take diversity seriously? Only a fool doesn't. Diversity is the engine that drives this country. We are an immigrant nation! The first generation works their fingers to the bone making things, the next generation goes to college and innovates new ideas, the third generation... snowboards and takes improv classes. We always need people who are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. I did it. And it's my job to help others do it, too.
50 Jack Good God, I can see every line and pore in your face. It looks like a YMCA climbing wall.
51 Jack Why are you better looking in your memory?
52 Jack Well, don't worry. For me, drinking has always been about the ritual, so I just have to replace the ritual. And, uh, Avery got me this nice tea set, some knitting needles and yarn, and a book on, uh, slight-of-hand magic. [takes out a little red ball and sings] Dah duh dah dah duh dah dah duh duh, dah duh dah dah duh dah duh dah, dah dah dun duh dun duh --
53 Jack Oh, you can't do that. The Capital One Venture Card is amazing! They give double miles every day for every purchase.
54 Jack Listen, Greg, I've got the next big reality show: we put a bunch of people on a plane, fly them over the Atlantic, then Tom Bergeron comes out and reveals... that the pilot is a six year old boy. We call it "Child Hell Flight."
55 Jack No. But she respects it when it's done correctly. Lemon, you may be witnessing history here. Making it through a full twenty four hours without a single misstep is called "Reaganing." The only other people who've ever done it: Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, and -- no judement -- Saddam Hussein. So, what have you got for me?
56 Jack That does happen to men. I've faced it myself, with Greta Van Susteren BEFORE her head transplant. You know, why don't I call Carol--
57 Jack [long, carefully choreographed scene plays out, ending with Tracy chewing jelly beans] [imitating Tracy] Boys and Girls Clubs of America -- Be Great!
58 Jack That would be a mistake, Lemon. Yes, you are the sexual equivalent of a million Hindenburgs, but you deserve someone like Carol in your life, and he deserves you becuase -- and I'm only going to say this once a decade -- you're great. You're Liz Lemon, dammit. In certain lights you're an "eight," using East Coast Over Thirty-Five standards, excluding Miami.
59 Jack You go in there, you grab Carol, you take him into one of those unisex family bathrooms, pull down that diaper changing thing... and go to town on him.
60 Jack I appreciate that, Lemon, but if you ever speak ill of Reagan again, I will smack those teeth straight.
61 Jack [flashback 7] I'm sorry. I was going to say climax.
62 Jack Lemon went to middle school with a Charlotte who used to rub herself against a tree during recess.
63 Jack No. She's more than that. I don't choose my mentees lightly. They have to have the drive and ambition to be worth my time. The intelligence to understand the challenges they're going to face. The humility to accept my help. And finally, a life that is a bottomless swamp of chaos. Drive, intelligence, humility, chaos, or the acryonym DIHC. I'm looking for DIHC, Avery, and I'm going to take it wherever I can find it.
64 Jack Lemon, uh, I'm sorry. If this is about a personal matter we can't discuss it.
65 Jack Uh, maybe Avery is a little emotional these days. She's put in considerable boob weight. She's not used to that and sometimes she... just falls over. It's stressful. But she might have a point about us. M- Maybe it is inappropriate for you to still come to me with every little problem in your life.
66 Jack Then I'm afraid you're on your own, Jenna. You have failed the test of intelligence.
67 Jack Co-worker slash little brother.
68 Jack It's a symbiotic relationship. I'm a mighty great white shark, Lemon, and you are a remora, clinging to me with your suction cup head. I give you a free ride and in exchange you, uh... eat my parasites.
69 Jack I'm Trisha's boyfriend, you scumbag. She told me what happened with youze last night. Now I'm gonna come and find you and I'm gonna kick your ass so hard you're going to be throwing up my toenails.
70 Jack Oh, now you're telling me my Tricia's not good enough for you? SHE'S AN ANGEL! I tell ya what, I'm getting my brothers and we're comin over there, and we're gonna kick your ass so --
71 Jack How DARE you hang up on me. I'm a corrupt cop, my brother's a corrupt fireman. He's gonna SET YOU ON FIRE and I'm not going to investigate it.
72 Jack Yeah.
73 Jack Good God! Lemon, those jeans make you look like a Mexican sports reporter!
74 Jack There's no such thing. The New York Times is owned by NYT Incorporated which is owned by Altheon Ballistic Dynamics which is owned by the Murdoch family who are owned... by Halliburton.
75 Jack [gasps] Lesbian Mario Brothers!
76 Jack Letting morality get in the way of making money. I might as well go and... [whispers] be a teacher.
77 Jack Thank you. But yes, I've had to work my entire life. It began when my father left and I started working on the Boston docks as a twelve year old stevedore. "Bales up, you micks! Bales up!"
78 Jack Oh Lemon, please. Money can't buy happiness. It IS happiness.
79 Jack I. Wish. I. Was. More. Of. A. Free. Spirit. Like. You. Now. Freestyle. Rap. For. Me.
80 Jack No. I believe that when you have a problem you talk it over with your priest or your tailor or the mute elevator porter at your men's club. Then you take that problem and crush it with your mind-vice. But for lesser being like curly-haired men and people who need glasses, therapy can help. And Lemon, I want you to get better. Because, and I mean this, I'm tired of talking this much to a woman I'm not having sex with.
81 Jack He can't handle that. Look at his head shape. He has no brainpan!
82 Jack A parent is the one person who is supposed to make their kid think they can do anything. Says they're beautiful even when they're ugly. Thinks they're smart even when they go to Arizona State. Let the rest of the world tear your kid down. Your job is to support him no matter what. Tracy believes in you, Donald. Go and make him proud.
83 Jack Colleen did not see it as a blessing. She saw it as an embarrassment because my girlfriend Avery and I are not married.
84 Jack Mother, you must remember Milton Greene? My father and your... shameful sex secret!
85 Jack Of history! In what emergency would you be necessary? If someone wanted to know whether the sixties were awesome or not?
86 Jack I know it's possible. But at some point, you have to choose, Paul. You can't delude yourself with thoughts like, ''Maybe they'd be into a group marriage,'' or ''What if I could somehow combine them into one perfect woman, like a s'more you could take a shower with?''
87 Jack A smug, 40-year-old bridesmaid. What a treat for everyone. Yes, Lemon, I am with Nancy now.
88 Jack That's absurd, Lemon. The world is made by those who control their own destiny. It isn't made by those who don't do, it's made by those who do do. Which is what made me the man I am. I do do.
89 Jack And she always wears high heels, because, according to her, flat shoes are for quitters.
90 Jack No, I want this. Sure, I thought it would happen later in life and that you would be Anne Hathaway's granddaughter, but I've always wanted this. But maybe it's too hard. The career, motherhood...
91 Jack That's great. ''You know what? Sometimes, I think...'' That's really annoying. I'm going to use that. You're the best.
92 Jack Very different, indeed. Like a cantaloupe... and a Ziploc bag of mushroom soup.
93 Jack I know it's gay. But it's my gay problem. And I'm handling it.
94 Jack Oh, my. I haven't seen your brow that furrowed since you saw that picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini.
95 Jack I was saying, ''Oh, Nana.'' Have I not told you about my grandmother fetish?
96 Jack Avery actually tried to get on board. Later that night, she put some mothballs behind her ears and fed me peppermints.
97 Jack Like in Top Gun.
98 Jack Is that supposed to be a broom? Anchor the handle. There it is.
99 Jack All right, Donaghy. Follow your heart. Hard Equations And Rational Thinking. Damn you, HEART.
100 Jack Okay, in my defense, every April 22nd I honor Richard Nixon's death by getting drunk and making some unpopular decisions.
101 Jack Subhas, thank you for coming in and for showing me your, uh, special book. More men in it than I would have expected.
102 Jack No, I am not. I am ''innoventing''. A word that I just ''innovented''.
103 Jack N.B.C. It's fresh.
104 Jack And I think we can both conclude that we finished Q-one with better than expected results. And I can promise that my performance will improve, especially if you're a little more flexible on your end.
105 Jack You look like a prison weed dealer.
106 Jack Well, I'm glad you're trying. But I wish you didn't have to. Lemon, are you wearing a cup?
107 Jack Lemon, I am successful romantically because I am confident, open, and positive. You are negative, pessimistic, and in danger of becoming permanently sour.
108 Jack Typical liberal media. That's why I get all my news from Dick Cheney's website, dickviews.com.
109 Jack I'm no stranger to the art of japery. At Princeton, I was in a secret society. I shouldn't tell you this, but one time, we snuck up to Dartmouth, put their mascot in a box, and sent it to Mexico City. We didn't know until the next day that it was an actual Indian. He didn't speak a word of English. Like all Dartmouth men.
110 Jack They're Boston Irish Catholic. They mate for life, like swans. Like drunk, angry swans.
111 Jack Reality TV. A woman with hundruplets, a live execution, the Real Transvestite Hoarders of Orange County Penitentiary.
112 Jack [applauds with Jonathan and crew] Fantastic, Jenna. You really brought the songwriting computer's words to life.
113 Jack Haven't we? Operation "Righteous Cowboy Lightning" is a go.
114 Jack It was reality TV. It can be good, it can be terrible, it just can't be anything in between.
115 Jack I'd like to welcome everyone to this N.B.C. Employee Town Hall Meeting and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules.
116 Jack Before I take your questions, I'd like to say a few words about Don Geiss. The world has lost a giant. He built G.E. into the greatest company on Earth and the Earth into one of the top three planets in the universe. For those of you wishing to pay your respects, there will be an Episcopal cryogenic freezing service open to all Six Sigma black belts and higher.
117 Jack So, Dave, tell me all about KableTown. What's their business strategy? Revenue streams? Do they have a preferred side of the head for parting your hair? Because I've been Continental for years, but I'm willing to go Western.
118 Jack I'm going to bury Don Geiss, America and hope.
119 Jack Welcome all to the memorial service / freezing for Donald H. Geiss. You were the last of a dying breed, sir. I'll never forget the first thing he ever said to me. ''These are all hookers. Pick one.'' Then after we picked our hookers and the plane took off, he told me his business philosophy. There's always an untapped market. Don was the one who realized there was a whole segment of consumers not buying light bulbs. The asleep. That realization led him to develop the nightlight and the marketing campaign aimed at making children afraid of the dark. ''A monster under every bed.''
120 Jack Don said that no business is ever done evolving. That there are always opportunities for innovation. That you can always... You can always find new customers. I... I'm sorry. But I've just had an amazing business idea. You'll have to excuse me.
121 Jack Exactly. So what if women had a pay-per-view channel featuring handsome men patiently listening to them? What if they had... porn for women?
122 Jack Hear me out. Yes, I'm talking about doubling pay-per-view profits while cutting out the middle man. But I'm also talking about American businessmen doing what they were born to do. Make things. We've stopped making and become a country of consumers. Well, I, for one, am done consuming. And I'm ready to make.
123 Jack Distancing myself? That man is my mentor. He taught me how to command a room with my voice.
124 Jack No, I'm not crying in front of Jack Welch. Neutron Jack. And I'm not giving up. Don Geiss wanted this company kept intact. And these people are from Philadelphia!
125 Jack You're cleared for approach.
126 Jack The problem is that Avery is very close to being named the financial reporter for NBC Nightly News. If anyone finds out she's pregnant she won't get the job.
127 Jack [opens envelope and reads letter] "You're going to Nags Head? Isn't that redundant?" [hands Liz an envelope]
128 Jack Avery and I are also having a little romantic weekend together. Before the baby comes we're going to Toronto for the G8 Economic Summit. It's going to be... very erotic.
129 Jack Have a nice trip, Lemon. Break out those underpants, but be careful: dating yourself is a double-edged sword. It means you also share the same flaws.
130 Jack Not only is your fly open, there's a pencil sticking out of it.
131 Jack Good God! She'll be Canadian.
132 Jack I called the concierge service with my Amex Invisible Card. There are no rental cars. The trains and buses are sold out.
133 Jack Look, Avery. You and I are cut from the same cloth. It's one of the reasons we work so well, and why we're unbeatable at a three-legged race.
134 Jack Avery, maybe it isn't the end of the world if our daughter is Canadian. Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies, and he went on to-
135 Jack Thank you for your input, Lorne, but Avery and I want out daughter be born in American so that one day she can become President and declare war on Germany like back when we were awesome.
136 Jack Yes, my daughter is Canadian-American, but I'm going to treat her just like a human baby. We tried to get back home, Lemon, in a meth lab. Avery and I fed each other's craziness, but one of us was brave enough to step back-
137 Jack Avery, can you walk yet?
138 Jack Let's go find a Canadian who will take our money.
139 Jack I want to help you, Lemon, but this is not the week. Avery's maternity was cut short so she could go cover the collapse of Greece's banking system. Since inventing democracy those guys have been... coasting.
140 Jack It's complicated. These women run your household so you have to keep them happy which means not saying anything as your DVR fills up with Trinidadian soap operas. But as soon as I'm out of the woods, Lemon, I'll take care of this... latest... dysfunction.
141 Jack I'm not saying that what you do isn't important. Avery and I appreciate you and Liddy just adores you, but let's just say you're at the market buying potatoes, and that ten pound bag of potatoes costs... four hundred dollars. But then the... grocery concierge tells you that a five pound bag of potatoes costs four hundred dollars, well that would be shocking, right? Because a five pound bag should only cost two hundred dollars.
142 Jack Meanwhile I just got worked over by my Trinidadian night nurse. I made every mistake you can in a negotiation. I spoke first, I smiles, I negotiated with myself. If I had done that during a mock negotiation in business school, Professor Widmer would have spanked me in front of the whole class. Bare bottomed.
143 Jack Sherry! Excellent. I've been thinking about our conversation earlier. It occurs to me that you are laboring under a fatal misapprehension. You think you have leverage over me, but you don't. I don't care about the baby. I've only known her for a few weeks and other than a fondness for Avery's breasts, Liddy and I have nothing in common. She is one of two people ever to have thrown up on me and I haven't spoken to Joe Namath since that Mardi Gras. What's more, I don't think Liddy looks like me, so evolutionarily that makes me want to eat her. In other words, either you take a pay cut or go and look for another job. Who has the leverage now, Sherry? Your move.
144 Jack Every day we give you a hundred dollars for cab fare home. Do you realize what you're doing to me, Sherry? You're unravelling the very fabric of who I am. I negotiate for a living, and I never lose. And now I have to go negotiate with my colleagues at Kabletown after having been reamed by a woman wearing Winnie the Pooh hospital pants. I don't have what you have, Sherry. A brand new baby that they've poured time and money and love into. Some helpless, pathetic, useless thing that would die if left alo- Oh God, I do have that. I have NBC!
145 Jack Home run, Lemon. And speaking of baseball metaphors I see that someone got to first base which is what I consider sex with a stranger.
146 Jack I've got to look camera ready tonight. I'm being interviewed on C.N.B.C. Have you ever watched The Hot Box with Avery Jessup?
147 Jack Wow, that is inspired. You are truly the Picasso of loneliness.
148 Jack Of course. You know, I learned to talk to gorillas when I worked for G.E. Medical. We are going to test poisons on you.
149 Jack We're just friends. It's platonic. I have elaborate fantasies of her husband dying in a boat explosion.
150 Jack Nancy, I'm sorry, the audio's bad. Jonathan, why do I have an Indian assistant if my computer is always...
151 Jack Well, that will really disappoint your key demographic of drunken 11-year-olds.
152 Jack Absolutely. But it's not your fault. You are genetically predisposed to compete against other women for the attention of strong powerful men like myself or others very similar to me. For example Hercules, the Highlander, or uh, God.
153 Jack Lemon, who thinks gesturing with one's thumbs is for poor people is going to be the next CEO of Kabletown? [points to himself with his pinkies] This guy.
154 Jack Nothing. She wants to be a marine biologist. Kaylie is playing right into my hands. I also had a youthful fascination with exploration, and I know exactly what any fourteen year old science geek wants to do: practice frottage on a poster of Linda Ronstadt and meet your idol, like when I met Jacques Cousteau. I will never forget what he said to me. [pause] Ah, I did forget. It was so long ago.
155 Jack [opens envelope and pulls out collage-card reading: Thanks for the expedition to the museum! Love, Kaylie] This could be me. "Remember Jack Donaghy? He was the world's greatest oceanographer. And we walruses owe him everything for giving us the gift of language."
156 Jack It's a younger man's game, Lemon. But I can't say that I don't miss it. You'd be in your office late at night, and the new girl would come in with some flimsy excuse to be there. ''Oh, Mr. Donaghy, I forgot to give you the factory worker death rates.'' Then, she'd laugh at your lame joke. A touch on the arm. And you'd take your reward. You'd take your reward.
157 Jack Well, I had a Porterhouse for Two alone. I am very angry and sleepy.
158 Jack This whole week has been such a bummer.
159 Jack If you were a man, you would have to register yourself as a sex criminal. I'm taking Danny back.
160 Jack It's true. It was love at first sight. I ache for her sexually. How could I not? I'm entranced by those... mud-colored eyes, set back in that skin. And her laugh. Her walk. That splay-footed walk. And that... whole situation. Right there. And Oh... Moustache. Good God, Lemon.
161 Jack Yes and no. Yes, that did happen. No, it didn't not happen.
162 Jack what kind of gun was that?
163 Jack Bzz... Laser shield.
164 Jack This isn't the auto industry, Pete. The auto industry was run by a bunch of out-of-touch white guys selling consumers a product they didn't want. we're G.E., damn it. And we're going to make a giant, flimsy microwave.
165 Jack It's your only move, Lemon. Sometimes the way back up is down. Let me tell you a story. It's 1 994. I went ice climbing, and I fell into a crevasse. I hurt my leg, and I couldn't climb back up. So fighting every natural instinct, doing the thing that seemed most awful to me, I climbed down into the darkness. And that's how I got out. when I got back to base camp, I went and found my fellow climber, the one who had cut me loose after I fell. And I said, ''Connie Chung, you did the right thing.''
166 Jack Okay, it's a car. we've invented the Pontiac Aztek.
167 Jack I'll have you know that Barry Diller and I are working on a whole new approach to media, combining all the digital... God! Just let me drink.
168 Jack Shh... You know how the media are. They wait for a mistake and that's all you are. It happened to Hitler. No one ever talks about his paintings.
169 Jack When we were on the DL we spent most of our time in the whirlpool getting rubbed down.
170 Jack [subtitle: Jack, Tracy's Gay Boss] I think I made my point.
171 Jack I thought this was a meeting to discuss your spin off where you do matchmaking for wealthy dogs.
172 Jack I know. I broke it. I needed to speak with you and I knew that was the fastest way to get you up here.
173 Jack Lemon. Lemon! Is there any news about Tracy?
174 Jack TWINKS could be extremely lucrative. Advertisers covet this demographic. When I was with D'Fwan on Queen of Jordan he spent four thousand on chihuahua outfits. For himself.
175 Jack Thank you, Lemon. I'd like to help but I'm afraid My Hands Are Tied... is the only show anyone's watching on TWINKS.
176 Jack Oh! Of course. Liddy, she is adorable. My night nurse swears she calls me "coschelle," which is Trinidadian creole means "stranger."
177 Jack Devon is the perfect man to fix TWINKS. He's a gay shark, like the actor who played Jaws.
178 Jack Devon. Explain the gaybies.
179 Jack No. You are the spider. I am the sun. I dry up all the rain.
180 Jack Jonathan, call my car.
181 Jack Oh, what have I done? The woman is on vacation with her husband as we speak. Probably having beach sex. Which is the third best sex after elevator and White House.
182 Jack Good Lord, I've ''Lemoned'' this situation with Nancy. I've got to erase that message.
183 Jack Are they? Nancy Donovan. Still so organized. In German class, Mr. Kruger always chose her to sort the students. He was eventually arrested by Israeli commandos. Mm. Look. On the 30th, she took Flight 1470 to R.S.W. He left the next day for C.V.G. They have to be different cities.
184 Jack I've been finger tagged, Lemon.
185 Jack But only because my mother told me that French kissing was for the Italians.
186 Jack Weird in a good way, huh. Like going to the gym drunk.
187 Jack Yes, well, it's really happening for you, Lemon. Between T.G.S. and this, you're like a swarthy, big-hipped Kelly Ripa.
188 Jack I knew it. You're blonde in your fantasies. It looks terrible.
189 Jack Lemon, that is why Dealbreakers is going to work. Because your star is a crazy person. And my star is you.
190 Jack I.M. Adouche? Banks! What do you want?
191 Jack No, I knew right away.
192 Jack Great, now we're perfect. What if we changed your name to Veronica St. Pierre? No, that's too much. Your hair is fine.
193 Jack No, It's Liz. I need Dealbreakers to work. And yesterday, I told her that she shouldn't wear her glasses.
194 Jack I get it. Treat her like The New York Times treats its readers.
195 Jack This is great. You look really relaxed. I'd watch this show.
196 Jack No, no hi-def. Uh... because of the camera. The, uh, ''gobos'' are really ''moraying''. Right, Pete?
197 Jack Okay, here is the honest truth. You're better at this than Oprah.
198 Jack Lemon, I am hemorrhaging money right now.
199 Jack Your audience has spent the last hour listening to Kenneth tell cleaned up versions of Garrison Keillor stories.
200 Jack Now I understand Performer Liz is freaking out. So I need Regular Liz's help.
201 Jack Lemon, I need Regular Liz to tell that crazy bitch, Performer Liz, to get out on stage and give me something I can try to make money off of. Please.
202 Jack Lemon, what have we done to you? It's okay. Go home and get some rest. I'll take the hit.
203 Jack Do you know what the business model works in the entertainment industry? Make ten shows and hope that one of them works. We produce more failed pilots than the French air force.
204 Jack I'm an eleven, but continue.
205 Jack Did you make sure that Tracy wasn't pretending to be his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds?
206 Jack Do TV and no one will ever take you seriously again. It doesn't matter how big a movie star you are, even if you had the kind of career where you walked away from a blockbuster franchise or worked with Meryl Streep or Anthony Hopkins, made important movies about things like civil rights or Pearl Harbor, stole films with supporting roles and then turned around and blew them away on Broadway. None of that will matter once you do television. You could win ever award in sight. Be the biggest thing on the small screen and you'll still get laughed out of the Vanity Fair Oscar party by Greg Kinnear. Tracy, your career hit rock bottom the first time you decided to do TGS. You want it to hit rock bottom again? Go on network television.
207 Jack Uh, we'll start with ''going country''. To T.G.S. we'll trick those race-car-loving wideloads into watching your lefty, homoerotic propaganda hour yet.
208 Jack Right, Josh, I forgot about that guy. You think that's a good sign?
209 Jack So naturally, you came to me because this company is just the two of us.
210 Jack we've all had to make sacrifices, Kenneth. I had to downsize the Payroll Department to one guy and an envelope stuffing machine.
211 Jack I didn't lie, Kenneth. I massaged the truth. what do you need to move past this?
212 Jack Now, remind me. Did you just do the Philadelphia cotillion, or did you also debut internationally?
213 Jack How was your trip?
214 Jack San Francisco? I asked you to find an actor from middle America. A real person. You're not going to find him in the ''People's Gay-public of Drugifornia''.
215 Jack Canada? Why not just go to Iraq? The television audience doesn't want your elitist, East Coast, alternative, intellectual, left-wing...
216 Jack Stop trying to amuse yourself and start thinking about what makes actual human beings laugh.
217 Jack I have to apologize. You know what they should do with people like her? They should round them all up and put them on an island. Oh, wait, they already have. It's called Manhattan.
218 Jack Uh, you probably know him as ''Hick at the Reception Desk''. But his name is Travis Hoagle. And, uh, he brought you something for your stomach.
219 Jack I'd never been to an audition before. It was upsetting. A grotesque carnival of human misery.
220 Jack Look, obviously this has been difficult. I'm not sleeping. Last night I sat in front of the TV and ate an entire carton of foie gras, I can hardly drink my morning shower scotch. I miss Avery. It's the little things I miss most. On a day like this we would go to Strawberry Fields in Central Park and kick hippy's hacky sacks into the bushes.
221 Jack I had the perfect woman. Gorgeous, brilliant, always let me be the hat in Monopoly. Why is this happening to me? God, are you punishing me because my hair is better than yours?
222 Jack Maybe someday you'll be like me, running a billion dollar corporation, having people pay you for the privilege of cutting your hair, raising a child.
223 Jack Not really. Avery's been travelling a lot as part of NBC News's "Hot Blondes in Weird Places" initiative, so she's been out of the baby loop. Until Liddy is sleep trained, frankly it might be easier if Avery stays in Asia.
224 Jack Are you accusing me of not doing enough Reagan time with her?
225 Jack President inter-Bush is out of the question. Avery will never accept his help. She can't forgive him for not hitting on her during the 1996 Democratic convention.
226 Jack Me plus you equals frowny face.
227 Jack That's okay. She's tough. We do a lot of pirate-themed sexual role play. I'm a parrot.
228 Jack No we aren't. I was wrong. Condi tried, but Avery plus freedom equals... frowny face.
229 Jack I don't think there are. Welcome aboard... Danny.
230 Jack Two questions. Must I live by Superman's moral code? And will the sex woman get older?
231 Jack I know this sounds ugly, but with Manhattan real estate, there are no rules. It's like check-in at an Italian airport.
232 Jack You're preaching to the choir, Kenneth. I mean, I love the earth. I have these rare Kadupul blossoms flown in every morning from Sri Lanka on a private jet. That's the definition of green. And yet, they force us to do more. More sacrifices. Why? For the children. What have children ever done for us?
233 Jack Tracy?
234 Jack Damn you, Tracy Jr.
235 Jack Ah, it was for a couple of lousy months. Big deal. l had sex with your prom date.
236 Jack When l think of all the things that l've been holding inside me that l wanted to say to you ! Well, now l'm gonna let St. Patrick and St. Michael do my talking for me!
237 Jack Those are the stupidest fist names l've ever heard.
238 Jack Well, this would have proved my mother wrong, saying that ''Donaghy'' is Gaelic for ''failure.'' What the hell does she know? She's a Murphy -- bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists.
239 Jack Remarkable people, the Blacks -- musical, very athletic, not very good swimmers. Again, l'm talking about the family. Black is African-American, though.
240 Jack Ghostface, you think you could mention donaghyestates.com at any point?
241 Jack Or perhaps it's eating universal healthcare. l bought this for the Floydster to congratulate him on his promotion.
242 Jack Who told Tracy about anagrams? l'm gonna call Dr. Spaceman.
243 Jack For God's sakes, Lemon. We'd all like to flee to the Cleve and club-hop down at the Flats and have lunch with Little Richard, but we fight those urges because we have responsibilities.
244 Jack No, you're not. Look, every great getaway has that moment when you want to pack it all in and stay. That's how l ended up with a time-share in Port Arthur, Texas.
245 Jack What can I tell you? The audience just loves Shayla's personal story. Did you know that both her mothers are serial killers? That's America.
246 Jack I'm in your head.
247 Jack Well I have to go get a bunch of gaybies into preschool before we all get sued so uh … well done, Lemon.
248 Jack We'll see. Our new slogan: "NBC: We have a magical horse" is testing, uh … OK.
249 Jack Of course, Lemon; that's why the president is always a new mom. I was referrring to your unique leverage with Jenna: your friendship.
250 Jack And the police have no interest in helping me either, despite the hundreds of dollars I pay every year in taxes. They think that I'm the enemy!